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Our company is trained to think about figures directly unless they’ve been explicitly stated become otherwise.

Monday, December 21st, 2020

Our company is trained to think about figures directly unless they’ve been explicitly stated become otherwise.

Today is Bisexual Visibility Day, which means that we reach celebrate among the best bisexual fictional figures of them all: The Clarke that is 100‘s Griffin. Clarke Griffin, how do you love thee? Allow me to count the methods. (Cue obnoxious “11 times Clarke had been THE GREATEST” post, amIrite?) The 100 does not get back for the 3rd period until the following year, that is simply crazy, given that it’s the very best show on television, and I also skip it in great amounts. Luckily for us, today is Bisexual Visibility Day, gives me personally the perfect chance to wax lyrical concerning the show once more! No, really, I’m obsessed.

Because one of several ways that are many that your 100 is effectively (yup, effectively. Just ask the article writers. Simply no work whatsoever. The terms simply flow as promised, no all nighters needed) pressing the boundaries of tiny display screen storytelling is through casually launching a love that is female for the lead character, making Clarke Griffin not just bisexual, but demonstrating that her sex makes simply no huge difference to her character.

Into the most readily useful of our knowledge. Permit me to commemorate Clarke Griffin today, even though The 100 will not clearly label her nor should it. She nevertheless functions as a great part model and exemplory case of bi exposure on tv. a little recap: In period 1, Clarke discovered by by herself within an embarrassing semi love triangle with Finn and Raven, that was finally solved in period 2 when Finn went crazy and slaughtered a number of Grounders (that I nevertheless state is wholly normal behavior, with that said), and Clarke had been obligated to destroy him, sparing him through the discomfort he could have endured during the Grounders’ hands.

(This, in addition, ended up being one of the better episodes of tv ever, but I’ll sing a ballad that is heartbroken the tragedy of Finn Collins various other time.) Meanwhile, Clarke had developed a powerful and relationship that is complicated Lexa, the Commander for the Grounders and, incidentally, the one who condemned Finn to death. (more…)