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‘Love and Sex’.There is pain and strife in all our relationships, except into the work of intercourse.

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

‘Love and Sex’.There is pain and strife in all our relationships, except into the work of intercourse. Questioner: consequently in this love you talk about there could be no intercourse because there can not be desire?

Krishnamurti: do not, please, arrived at any summary. We’re investigating, checking out. Any summary or presumption stops enquiry that is further. To resolve this concern we’ve and also to glance at the energy of idea. Consideration, even as we have actually said, sustains pleasure by considering a thing that happens to be enjoyable, cultivating the image, the image. Thought engenders pleasure. Taking into consideration the intimate work becomes lust, that is completely distinctive from the work of intercourse. just exactly What many people are focused on could be the passion of lust. Craving before and after sex is lust. This craving is thought. Believe just isn’t love.

Questioner: perhaps there is sex without this desire of idea? Krishnamurti: you need to discover on your own. Intercourse plays an extraordinarily crucial component within our life we have because it is perhaps the only deep, firsthand experience. Intellectually and emotionally we conform, imitate, follow, obey. There is certainly strife and pain in all our relationships, except within the work of intercourse. This work, being therefore beautiful and different, we become dependent on, so that it in change turns into a bondage. The bondage could be the interest in its extension again the action associated with the centre which will be divisive. One is so hedged about intellectually, when you look at the grouped household, in the neighborhood, through social morality, through religious sanctions so hedged about that there’s just that one relationship left for which there was freedom and intensity. Therefore we give tremendous value to it. But then this would not be such a craving and such a problem if there were freedom all around. We ensure it is an issue because we can not get an adequate amount of it, or because we feel bad at having started using it, or because in getting it we break the principles which culture has set straight down. (more…)